AIST is a core facility established in the University of South Florida’s College of Arts and Sciences Office of Research and Scholarship. AIST is designed in response to the growing need for coordination of education, research, and outreach efforts that involve the application of three-dimensional spatial technologies for cultural and natural heritage preservation.

We provide an array of advisory and documentation services that facilitate interdisciplinary research, management, and planning. For this purpose we have established a network of specialists that includes historic preservation architects, archaeologists, historians, geologists, geographers, cultural resource managers, and other environmental and cultural specialists. Our collaborations include a diversity of partners from the academic, private, public, and governmental sectors.

Our aim is to generate synergistic programs that enhance heritage preservation on local, national, and international levels. Our combination of private and public sector experience and academic performance permit us to offer a more comprehensive approach to heritage preservation from developmental planning stages to the realization of extensive, multi-faceted projects.

The Takalik Abaj project is in cooperation with the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, Direccion General del Patrimonio Cultural y Natural, PROJECTO NACIONAL TAK’ALIK AB’AJ, El Asintal, Retalhuleu.


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