Notes from Spain – Friday July 16th

19 07 2010

Today was last full team field day. Smaller groups will return to the site on Monday and possibly one other day next week to collect data to fill any gaps, but the majority of the field work is now completed. Now the teams are turning to processing the data, including GPS, total station, laser scanning (short and long range), ortho-imagery, and photogrammetry. Each night, the students have been working on processing and this will all culminate in an exposition of their efforts on our last night next week.

 When our field work was completed today, we hiked our standard walk of 45 minutes down to the bus, but were taken to the village of Clavijo nearby. The village had prepared a traditional meal for us complete with incredible salads, beef and potato stew, and desert. The Rioja wine was from the town´s own bodega called the Castillo d´Clavijo, named after the incredible hill fort atop their village. After our meal, we climbed to the top for some incredible views of the Rioja valley. The town´s historian and the mayor were on hand for our visit, and I had a nice chat in English with the mayor´s wife who as it turns out comes from Scotland (my family on my Father´s side comes from very near her and we had much to talk about). The reception by the people and the village we have been doing our archaeological project at was tremendous, and Travis and I were interested very much in their views as to the significance of the monastery site to them as individuals and to the town in general. The experience for both students and professors was a day to remember.





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