Notes from Spain – July 15th

17 07 2010

Today, we returned to the ruins of the Saint Prudencio Monastery on Mount Laturce on the outskirts of the village of Clavijo, La Rioja, Spain. This Monastery, one of the oldest in La Rioja, originated around AD 925 with the burial of Saint Prudencio, bishop of Tarazona. In the 12th century, Cistercian monks took over the administration of the Monastery. During 12th and 13th centuries the church was rebuilt and additional structures were erected. Today, this ancient architectural complex is abandoned and the ruins are subject to collapse and looting.

An international group of students are being given an intensive, hands-on opportunity to use a variety of digital techniques for the acquisition of geometric information. This information will used to preserve and record the ancient structures, as well as trace the construction methods and history.  Global Positioning Systems (GPS), total stations, laser scanners, and photogrammetric systems are all being integrated to produce a foundational record that will be added to in future field schools and projects.

Lori and I are working in various parts of the ruined complex with a German team and students who are using three-dimensional laser scanners to capture the stone and masonry structure in exceptional detail. These datasets will be integrated with the other spatial data to provide a more complete and accurate record of the site. These datasets will provide archaeologists, architects, heritage managers, and restoration experts with multiple forms of information for analysis, research, and planning.





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17 07 2010
Ed B

What a great job ahead of you .. I envy you ! Great photos, too .. thanks !!

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